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Urban Corridor Matrix

The research of this matrix was conducted over several years. We looked for an alternative to medium and high density mixed-use development. This project includes public spaces within the blocks, institutional facilities above street level, residential units of multiple types, time-share of working spaces, a mix of retail and site-specific public art. It confronts change, future growth, sustainability and affordability.


Housing for the Elderly

“A convincing result in an urban building with a local character, in dialogue as much with modernity as with Mediterranean-ness. It offers a vast range of opportunities for social encounters and introduces special continuity that favors orientation, the needs of the handicaps and infiltration of light and warmth.”

Bruno Zevi



The Romano Residence was designed as a four-story open space for a client bound to a wheelchair. It has natural filtered lighting and a dynamic unifying stairway.



Total unity of architecture and landscape design.

“The Meghiddo design philosophy is guided by the conviction that their architectural design is a force that changes people.”

California Homes and Lifestyle

The Teachers House

The Teachers House was designed as integrated architecture and landscape design. The roof is used as a sculpture-garden suitable for social gatherings. The central court below grade brings natural light into the two underground floors and functions as a space for theatrical performances.


Hollywood Hotel-Office-Cineplex

“Romeo and Julia Pregnant” was a project for a design competition in the heart of Hollywood. It included an 800-seat theater, a cineplex, an office building and a hotel. Most of the lower areas are accessible to pedestrians at street level. The two towers connected to each other at both the 10th floor and at the upper levels, which included restaurants and amenities.