Permaculture Design

Ruth Meghiddo encompasses urban farming as a holistic vision of a future in which communities in dense urban areas grow food as part of their everyday lifestyle. Farm Urbana blends farming experience with Permaculture Design Principles and contributes to healthy sustainable buildings.  Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle can be accomplished by the practice of Permaculture Design framework. 

Architectural Documentaries

A producer and director of architecture documentaries, Rick brings his experience as an architect to help architects and institutions to promote their buildings and environments, and to educate a larger public in understanding the value of architectural design. He has produced and directed over 100 short documentaries. Many of these can be seen in, and have been published by Cultural Weekly.

Beyond Architecture

About Us

Ruth Meghiddo, AIA

Architect & Urban Farming Consultant

Ruth’s passion for urban farming began decades earlier, as a student at UCLA. There, she published a pioneering thesis in sustainability, “Agriculture in Urban Environments: City and Farm Romance.” Her background in architecture and urban design inspired her to create edible garden solutions. She founded Farm Urbana to help urban residents experience nutritious, chemical-free, fresh food.

Rick Meghiddo, AIA

Architect & Filmmaker

Rick Meghiddo is an architect and a filmmaker. Through short documentaries, writing, and lecturing, he brings his “architect eye” to help both non-professionals and professionals to better understand the meaning, value, and complexities of architecture and art.

Hybrid Thinking