Urban Corridor Matrix

The Urban Corridor Matrix is the result of a research conducted over several years to look for an alternative way of conceiving mixed-use development. For details, watch video (9:31′)
We posed ourselves six goals:
1. To change the “Land use” concept into a Space Use concept
2. To create urban sustainability beyond LEED’s benchmarks
3. To make affordability possible
4. To prioritize pedestrians over cars
5. To make higher density synonymous of life quality
6. To develop an open system for future growth and change
Some of the features included are:

  • Open public spaces within the blocks
  • Bike routes
  • A mix of retail spaces
  • Institutional facilities above street level
  • Residential units of multiple types
  • Flexibility of use, size and building components
  • Time share of office module
  • Site specific art