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The Principals

Rick Meghiddo Ruth Meghiddo Meghiddo Architects

Rick Meghiddo Ruth Meghiddo Meghiddo Architects


Ruth and Rick Meghiddo’s eyes are focused on some of the 2021s post-pandemic major challenges: affordable housing, food production close to home based on Permaculture Design methodology, improving the quality of the urban environment, expanding people’s awareness about the importance of architecture to improve their lives,  and exploring possibilities in dealing with sustainability and climate change. A mixed-use transit corridor development explores new solutions for the problems of affordable housing and sustainability “beyond LEED” in urban America.

During the practice of over three decades, they have designed and built housing, mixed-use, urban design, institutional, commercial and contemporary residences in Los Angeles’ Westside and in Tel Aviv. In 2010 the City of Beer Sheva made statutory their master plan for Ramot-E, which includes 3,000 dwelling units, schools, senior housing residences, and a shopping mall. In 2000 the American Institute of Architects selected their Senior Housing project in Jaffa as one of the best built overseas by one of its members.

The Meghiddos produce innovative work that is sustainable, aesthetic and budget-conscious. They look at each project as an opportunity to rethink solutions to conventional problems. As long-term “hybrid thinkers,” their design has the generalist’s grasp for the big picture and high concern for details at the same time.

Meghiddo Associates is based in Long Beach, California. It was previously based in Westwood (1981-1991) and in Tel Aviv (1991-2002.) Their work has been published in The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Sunset, California Homes, Italy’s La Mia Casa, L’Architettura and L’Espresso, and other professional publications.


Ruth Meghiddo, AIA, is an architect, urban designer, and artist. She is now involved in advancing a vision for cultivating sustainable urban living with a hybrid farm and city business design model.

Raised in Bucharest, Romania, she practiced architecture in Rome, Tel Aviv, and Long Beach. She is fluent in six languages.

She graduated as a Doctor in Architecture Summa Cum Laude at the University of Rome, Italy, and earned a Master of Arts in Architecture and Urban Planning from U.C.L.A. She is a Certified Permaculture Designer.

Ruth founded Art Master Planners to strategically incorporate artworks during the process of architectural design development. Some of the firm’s projects carry the in-print of her site-specific artwork.

In 2011 she created Farm Urbana to inspire healthy and sustainable living, and to empower people to grow their own food. Farm Urbana provides consulting, design, installation, training, and maintenance to fulfill food-growing needs.

She has been for over three decades a member of the American Institute of Architects, is a former member of the Arts Council of Long Beach, and Board Member of the Architecture Foundation of Orange County.


Rick Meghiddo, AIA, is an architect and a filmmaker of architecture documentaries. What links these disciplines is his architect’s eye. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew.

Rick was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spent seven formative years in Rome, Italy, where he obtained a Doctor of Architecture degree from the University of Rome. He earned a Master of Architecture and Urban Design from U.C.L.A. and is also a LEED Accredited Professional.

His interests have taken him to achievements in different directions. He produced and directed over one-hundred architecture documentaries, published in www.architectureawareness.com and www.ArchiDocu.com Most of these have also been published by Cultural Daily.


During 2017-19 he lectured on “How to Look at Architecture” at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and at OLLI-CSULB. I 2022 a taught a new course at OLLI titled Architecture and Filmmaking.  Some of his films have been screened in Berlin, Sidney, Buenos Aires, and in L.A., at Westwood’s Public Library. During the 1990s he chaired the School of Architecture’s Graduating Projects Program at Israel’s Technion and later taught the history of architecture at the University of California, Irvine. Long Beach’s Mayor, Beverly O’Neill, appointed him as a Board Member of the city’s Redevelopment Agency for the 2003-2007 term. He published six collections of poetry.

For over three decades, a member of the American Institute of Architects, he was a Board Member of the Architectural Foundation of Orange Company, and a co-founder of Rethinking Greater Long Beach. He is a member of the International Documentary Association, IMDb, The American Cinematheque, and Los Angeles Film Forum .


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