Entries by Rick Meghiddo


World Trade Center Memorial Design Competition

Our entry for the memorial had for objective to create an evocative, culturally non-specific design in scale with its surroundings. It had seven components: 1. The Hug; 2. the Tower’s Footprints; the Samarium; the Virtual Hall of Heroes and Victims; the Wall of Ninty-Two Nations; and the Wall of Light.

The Vault

Ruth Meghiddo was commissioned to design a “wrap around” of a new theater/restaurant on a former bank building, in downtown Long Beach.

By Ruth

“My experience both as an architect and as an artist compells me to engage in a form of expression that aspires to reunify the two disciplines as they were…”
Ruth Meghiddo

By Rick

“I started to draw early in my life. Later on it evolved into architecture, yet I never saw the two as separated. While in architecture I submitted to rigor and discipline, drawing remained a form of freedom from any conditioning. That’s what my artwork is all about.”
Rick Meghiddo


A Brentwood house originally designed by architect Rex Lotery was remodeled to suit the needs of a couple of professionals with three children.


In the heart of Westwood, this house served as our home-studio for over a decade.



“Ramot-E” is a new 3,000 dwelling-unit neighborhood in the northern part of Beer Sheba. It includes schools, parks, sports, commerce, synagogues, kindergartens and senior housing. It was design in collaboration with Yuval Cadmon Architects.

Selected Poems

A selection of poems by Rick Meghiddo, written since 1987. Many of these have been published in the literary magazine ONTHEBUS, and in six chapbooks: “I’ll Take You to the Moon;” “Work in Process;” “Super-Apex to my Holyspace and other Poetrobics;” “On Wednesdays Night;” “Kroy is Dead, Kroy is Dead Once Again;” and “Rated G.”