Spaces for People in 2010

Rick Meghiddo, Ruth Meghiddo, Meghiddo Architects, www.architectureawareness.com , www.rick-RE.com , www.naturaltowergarden.com , design competition

A conceptual design competition was launched in 1986 to envision “Spaces for People in the Year 2010.” The subject was free, to be presented on three tables. In foreseeing 24 years ahead we decided to deal with three top issues: the city, the oceans and outer-space.

We conceived three “horizontal skyscrapers.” Cityscraper was conceived to be a spine suspended above Wilshire Boulevard containing housing, offices and  moving systems. Its roof would have solar collectors and food-growing facilities. Oceanscraper would penetrate the Pacific at Santa Monica, would include a complex of functions under and above water level as well as turbines for the generation of wave energy. Spacescraper was conceived as a space station. Some of the inputs were humorous, such as turning Wilshire Boulevard into a park with flowing water and ways for elephant-riding and using air balloons as a mean of public transportation.