Newberry Building

Rick Meghiddo, Ruth Meghiddo, Meghiddo Architects, , , , Long Beach, adaptive reuse, retail, boutique hotel

The adaptive reuse of what was once the Newberry retail store includes a a bookstore, a terrace cafe with direct access from the street and a small design hotel.


El Centro

Rick Meghiddo, Ruth Meghiddo, Meghiddo Architects, , , , El Centro, Schulitz, U.I.G.

Within the framework of the Urban Innovations Group, UCLA’s School of Architecture design office in Westwood, the City of El Centro commissioned from Professor Helmut C. Schulitz an urban design study of the downtown area. Prof. Schulitz invited Rick Meghiddo to be in charge of urban design.


5,000 Dwelling Unit Neighborhood

Rick Meghiddo, Ruth Meghiddo, Meghiddo Architects, , , , First Prize, design competition, Israel, urban design, Ram Karmi, Bruno Zevi, L’Espresso


Conceptual Competition for the Design of a 5,000 Dwelling-Unit Neighborhood – First Prize for High Density

We conceived a 200-acre area with one-third of it devoted to parks. The neighborhood is seen as a totally pedestrian area, with distances not exceeding 15-minute walking from the center. The eccentricity of the linear center allows a better relationship between the new quarter, existing urban structures and future development. The through-traffic encircles the are without ever penetrating it. Parking structures are located along the freeway ring, which also serve as stations for a monorail and conveyors entering the neighborhood.

High-density residences are located within the central space and medium-density residences extend out from this center. The towers fulfill urban functions such as offices, commerce, entertainment and hotels. The central space with public facilities and spaces is “shadowed” by penthouse-like condominiums with total flexibility of assemblage . Additional condominiums are located in higher floors.

The project is though to built with prefabricated components that are interchangeable.




Rick Meghiddo, Ruth Meghiddo, Meghiddo Architects, , , , Tel Aviv, Israel

On a residential building of the 1930’s Bauhaus Style in Tel Aviv we designed its conversion into a design hotel. Two floors were added for a business club.


Without changing most of the house’s exterior, we completely remodeled its interior and its outdoor areas. The design included built-in artworks throughout.

Walker Building Installations

Two installations at the Walker Building by Ruth.